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Why Vintage?

Once you lay eyes on the stones and designs of vintage and antique jewelry, the question answers itself. In the 1930s and prior, stones were cut by hand by master artisans and pieces of art were created by incredible jewelers who took their time with each piece. Fast forward a few decades to our mass-manufactured era and now most diamonds are cut by lasers and computers and most jewels are made as quickly and cheaply as possible, removing the art and care from jewelry. We love the well thought out pieces of the past that make each jewel feel special and uniquely yours. We also love that when you choose a vintage piece, it is both ethical and eco-friendly.

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“Hands down the most unique and beautiful authentic antique ring collection I have ever seen.”

-Catherine B.

Our Designs

Drawing inspiration from our beloved vintage finds, our handcrafted jewels are a modern take on these bygone era classics. We blend timeless stylistic elements with modern themes and use recycled stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Your Future Heirloom

We hope you find your rare treasure here that you can treasure for generations to come.

About the Founder

Andria founded this company after her own struggle in a search for an engagement ring. She sought something unique but timeless and after years of looking, finally stumbled across antique diamonds.

She wondered why it had taken so long to come across antique diamonds and thought that if everyone knew about them then they would choose them for their ring. Here, Andria Barboné was formed. She started a small collection of antique jewels in her small Charleston, SC apartment and has since grown to her office in the heart of New York City's  Diamond District.

Andria comes from small town Ohio but always had big city dreams. She spent some years in Charleston, SC where she developed her love for all things antique. True to form, she now lives in a 200 year old house in Westchester, NY with her high school sweetheart Darren, their children Henry and Vivienne, and dogs Charlie and Winston.